.may 2016

aot welcomes alfonso "fo" corace as out new guitarist!

.may 2015

new album is ready!

out on june the 25th on Goressimo records!


1. Lysergic Parachutes
2. U.F.O.=Tesla
3. Pedophiliac Skyjacking
4. Funeral Rites Made To Exceed The Speed Of Sound
5. Engines Behind The Lunar God Volcano
6. Wings Red Kaput (Swing Swing Kaput)
7. The Sound Of Hardcore Diplomacy
8. Suicide And Bombardment
9. Terror From The Air

.APR 2013

So, so, so... let's break the silence. Yeah, in the last 12 months we have played just a couple of shows and been pretty quiet. As an exucuse to that we might say that we underwent quite a few line-up adjustmens and personal shit related to day jobs, health and locusts. But... there is a "but". We've been working like maniacs to get 9 brand new tracks composed in the while. Shit's serious this time around! We are gonna start recording very soon and probably be finishing by the Summer. AOT second album IS gonna happen. We only don't know when it will be out since we're lableless at the moment. 2014? 2016? 6790? Let's take guesses! Talk to you later! Much later! \m/

.oct 2012

yeah we're still playing shows! it's been a year without shows since we've been busy in getting a bounch of new songs done. But yes new shows are available here and stay tuned for updates!

.sep 2011

italian mini-tour with rotten sound confirmed! 5 dates of grind, fun and shit at the end of october! check the shows section!

.jul 2010

aot confirmed at viadana open air on agoust the 13th. headlining: dark tranquillity.

.oct 2010

confirmed 3 dates in december with decapitated!

.april 2010

download "BLOOD LINE EXPRESS" GP5 Guitar & Bass Tabs here!

We wanted to share our scores with whomever is into our music and, possibly, with the ones who are not familiar with us yet. We believe that this experiment might be interestig for you and for us as well. We are not afraid that someone could steal any of our ideas. If someone really wants to borrow something we wish him good luck. We wouldn't mind to be a major influence of any of tomorrow's great bands.

.february 2010

"blood line express"out now!

get it here!

.december 2009

"blood line express" release date revealed! It's gonna be put out worldwide on february the 8th 2010 by rising records thru plastichead distribution!

pre-order it here and get it first and cheaper!


.may 2009

AOT signs to rising records!

the british label will put out the long awaited debut album "blood line express" within 2009!


.december 2008

Hi folks! tHere's a new song taken from the brand new album on our myspace. It's a sample, but you can get the picture: 9 traks of psycho-groovy, shuffle-grinding, extreme, death n' roll!
The debut album is way far from the previous releases so stay tuned! Labels interested in listening more are welcome to contact us. Promo packages are on the way.


.june 2008

In OCTOBER 2008 Airlines of Terror will enter the Outer Sound Studios in order to record their debut album. This album will be faster, heavier, and more technical than anything elese ever released by AOT! Here is the killer line-up that is about to enter the studio:

Demian Cristiani:

guitars & vocals - Founding member
Giuseppe Orlando:

drums - Novembre (Peaceville records UK)
Paolo Rossi:

bass - Fleshgod Apocalypse(willotip records - usa)

Massimiliano Pagliuso:
guest solos - Novembre (Peaceville records UK)
francesco paoli:
guest vocals - Hour Of Penance (Unique Leader USA) &
Fleshgod Apocalypse (willotip records - usa)

Mixed and recorded by Giuseppe Orlando at outer sound (novembre, necrodeath, stormlord, ephel duath) .

mastered by mika jussila at finnvox.

The album will be produced by the band. Labels Interested in releasing it are welcome to contact us.

.march 2008

7" split cibo vs. airlines of terror is out now!!!
order your copy!

send us a mail or visit our myspace where you can purchase it thru paypal!



.november 2007

We are really happy to announce that a split 7" with cibo is scheduled for march 2008! stay tuned!!!




.september 2007

new t-shirts in the merch section. check them out!




.may 2007

we will no longer post upcoming shows in this section, check them out in the new shows section!



.april 2007

apr. 18 - 2007: airlines of terror + t.e.r + scum @ sinister noise club - via dei magazzini generali 4b - roma, italy

.march 2007

mar. 27 - 2007: trouble vs glue + airlines of terror + do not cross the railway lines @ traffic - via vacuna 98 - roma, italy.
added one review.


.january 2007

jan. 25 - 2007: helvete (swe) + the orange man theory + airlines of terror @ sinister noise club - via dei magazzini generali 4b - roma, italy


.december 2006

our planes are unhijackable! is out now!!!

order your copy!

send us a mail



dec. 21 - 2006: airlines of terror + camion + physique du role + quien sabe? @ traffic - via vacuna 98 - roma, italy

.agoust 2006

the recording sessions of our planes are unhijackable! have started @ 16th cellar studios, rome. new official site is online.